Guardian Revenue Resources offers revenue cycle solutions for both institutional and professional healthcare providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Questions

Can Guardian Revenue Resources work with a Provider that is currently processing paper claims?

Yes. Guardian Revenue Resources would look to help convert the Provider to the Guardian Revenue Resources EMR. Regardless of the location of the Provider, Guardian Revenue Resources would be able to help aid with this process either onsite or remote. If onsite help is necessary, Guardian Revenue Resources would be onsite for approximately 2-5 days, depending on the Provider’s situation.

Is Guardian Revenue Resources’ billing system ready for ICD-10?

Yes, our system is ready for ICD-10. Those codes are already loaded into our system, and the transition into the ICD-10 data set has been tested.

What is the average timeframe for Guardian Revenue Resources to integrate and take over as a Provider’s billing department?

There are multiple answers to this question:

  • Provider is currently on another EMR system: If using Guardian Revenue Resources™ EMR, the timeframe for integrating into our Billing Service (including EMR) will take 4-6 weeks on average.
  • Provider bills paper claims: The timeframe for integrating into our Billing Service (including EMR) will take 4-8 weeks on average.
  • Provider uses a third-party billing company: Most billing companies have a 30-day wind-down contract termination period. After the wind-down period is complete, Guardian Revenue Resources will begin implementing our Billing Service immediately.

What are Guardian Revenue Resources Billing Service fees?

Guardian Revenue Resources billing service fees is a percentage of gross receivables, and are competitive with industry standards. The fee range is dependent on the Provider type, Payer mix and size of opportunity. The billing service fee will be determined from the results of our free/no-obligation Practice Analysis report and Assessment. Other service fees include:

  • Setup fee (one-time fee): Starts at $2,500 per NPI. The Setup fee will be determined by the results of the Practice Analysis. Payment plans are available upon request.
  • iClaim Practice Management & Clearinghouse fee: $250 per month per NPI number
  • EMRx fee: $550 per month per NPI.
  • Patient Authorization fee (one-time fee per patient): $10 per patient. When necessary, Guardian Revenue Resources will handle Patient Authorizations with insurance carriers.
  • Patient Statements: Starting at $0.69 per statement

How does Guardian Revenue Resources achieve a 2% denial rate average on billed claims?

Guardian Revenue Resources system has a payer rules engine (called Denial Defender) built within. Our system is able to audit claims against millions of claim edits, and guards against health plan rejections BEFORE the claim is sent through our proprietary Clearinghouse.

What will Guardian Revenue Resources free Practice Analysis tell me about my practice?

Guardian Revenue Resources free Practice Analysis will communicate the following information about your Practice:

  • Give you a snapshot of your Practice today
  • Provide an approximate measure of Guardian Revenue Resources expected performance for your Practice
  • Provide summary of the value proposition that Guardian Revenue Resources can bring to your Practice
  • Best determines how Guardian Revenue Resources could work with your Practice, if at all

General Questions

Where is Guardian Revenue Resources headquartered?

Our headquarters, billing & operations team are all located in Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas.

Does Guardian Revenue Resources use a billing and support staff that is U.S. based, or overseas?

Guardian Revenue Resources operations team is solely based in the United States. This includes billing and coding leadership/management, customer service and project management.